How does it work?

For us, there is nothing more special than sewing your own clothing. To make this journey as exciting as possible we focus on a very beginner friendly instruction. 

Select the right language

First, visit our shop and choose your favorite product. After you made your decision, select a language for your instruction. 


After purchasing you will get a download link to get access to all documents. 

Start downloading the ZIP document and open your instruction pdf. Everything you will need to know to sew your designer piece is explained there in detail. 

Choose a fabric

Under every product is a direct link to the fabric we chose. 
With our size guide and the description below you find information, how much fabric you will need. 

it all comes to measure

To make the piece fit, open up the instruction and grab your measuring band. 

Measure yourself as shown in the document and select the size you fit into. 

print out the pattern

Our cuts offer you the possibility to have them printed in a copy shop of your choice, or to print them yourself at home using your A4 printer to stick them together afterwards.

cut it!

Cut out every pattern piece. 
To make the next steps easier,
seam allowance is already
included in the pattern. 

lay - pin - cut

Lay down the fabric, pin the pattern pieces as described in the instructions and cut along the paper. 




and the last step

sew your own unique piece of clothing. Illustrations will guide your way through the single sewing steps. 

We are genuinely interested in how you felt about our products. Feel free to send us a dm or an email to give us feedback.

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